New On-Line Store

We are launching our new On-line Store and will be adding some new items.  Let us know what you think and thanks for visiting our new site!

  • Matt Turkington

    I can’t wait to get my newly ordered Salty Dawg Saloon black T-shirt!  AK represent in Phoenix, AZ!

  • Fishy

    Nice Hot!

  • Anonymous

    hope you have your own wool sweater today lady!! :)

  • Matty97504

    Nice website are you going to get any beenies in to sell

  • Matt

    I want a hoodie :(

  • Anonymous

    um i will try to get those on here soon!!

  • Miss_ess


  • Salty Dawg Saloon

    I have been trying to get some but without luck. so… not yet :( sorry

  • Sjensen

    Planning to add any talls in your sweatshirt or t-shirt line??

  • Salty Dawg Saloon

    Not that im aware of! sorry!

  • Wrock54

    Nice Site.. I was up there and at the SDS in 2005 and purchaced a leather ball cap with your logo. Any chance that you’ll be getting them back. Best damn hat i ever owned.

  • Andy S.

    Thanks for the awsome fishing trips!! Vida and I love the black hoodies.See ya next summer.

  • Info

    I hope so! still adding products to the site and those are nice hats. Im not sur eif we have those right now but ill work on it!

  • Glassfour

    I need a new pint beer glass. Wife accidentally broke mine. Ever going to add them to the online store?

  • Connie Muckelberg

    My zip front hoodie from 10 years ago wore out. Why don’t you have zip hoodies anymore. I don’t want the heavy sherpa thing.

  • Salty Dawg Saloon

    Connie, we do have just the zips available online. Probably won’t be the same design as the last one you got,or the same color, but there on there. Have a nice day!!

  • Monlise Cruz Budden

    Will you be putting better colored baseball hats online? Lost my baby blue one.

  • Melissa Mason

    I need a large black long sleeve shirt but it says you don’t ship to California??